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Living in the Overlap Trailer (2015, 1:53))

Living in the Overlap

The improbably true story of two girls growing up in Brooklyn in the 1940s, falling in love in the Midwest, and making a life together in North Carolina. Lennie Gerber, retired attorney, and Pearl Berlin, retired professor, still have an indelible spark after nearly 50 years together.

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Queer Knitter in the Queen City (2015, 9:35)

Queer Knitter in the Queen City

This short documentary challenges preconceptions about knitters, techno-geeks, and drag queens while embracing social justice in a most entertaining way.


Martha in Lattimore (2009 version, 28:17)

Martha in Lattimore

The first thing you notice upon meeting Martha Mason is the bright yellow iron lung that encases her body and helps her breathe just as it has since 1948 when, at age 11, she contracted polio. When the film was shot, she had lived in this life-saving machine longer than anyone else in the world, and she lived most of those days in Lattimore, a small town located in southwestern North Carolina.


Oakdale Cotton Mills: Close-knit Neighbors (2009, 26:55)

Oakdale Cotton Mills

This is a documentary about community and a way of life for textile mill workers that was once common in the Southeast but is rapidly fading away. Located in Jamestown, North Carolina, Oakdale Cotton Mills has a rich history dating from 1865, and generations of families have worked and lived there.


Knitting Lessons (2007, 10:00)

Knitting Lessons

Meet the Yarn Queen–Mary Stowe is a store owner, pattern designer, sales rep, and accomplished speed knitter.


Reverence with Clay: Crystal King Pottery (2004, 35:15)

Crystal King Pottery

Crystal King is a third-generation folk artist who grew up working in the pottery tradition of Seagrove, NC. This film captures the essence of her work process and her interaction with people who collect her work.


Addie James: Art Unbound (2004, 20:22)

Addie James

Addie James: Art Unbound explores the life and painting of a self-taught artist from Statesville, North Carolina. Addie’s work is bold and evocative and covers themes related to African-American culture, including fashion, music, rural life, nature, family life, religious life, and cooking.


Dalton Got Hit (2004, 29:06)

Dalton Got Hit

In this personal documentary, a mother confronts her fear and anxiety after her son is hit by a van – an accident she witnesses.


Tom Whitaker: Potter at Large (2003, 13:08)

Tom Whitaker

This documentary follows Tom Whitaker as he makes and sells pottery at his Mooresboro, North Carolina home. Tom is steeped in the rich tradition of Catawba Valley potters, but he is also a distinctive character who finds a way to put his own indelible stamp on everything he does.


Sam McMillan: The Dot Man (2002, 15:13)

Sam McMillan

This documentary follows self-taught artist Sam McMillan at work and play in his Winston-Salem, North Carolina gallery and his home. Much of Sam’s art is functional, and he is known for his bold painting with enamels, his use of primary colors, his “trademark” dots, and scenes that often feature animals, country settings, Winston-Salem, or New York City.


I’m Not My Brother’s Keeper: Leadership and Civil Rights in Winston-Salem, North Carolina (2001, 44:50)

I'm Not My Brothers Keeper

The 1960 sit-ins accomplished much in a short period of time. The possibility of positive change can be a valuable message for North Carolina and beyond, and the historical message should be preserved to share with many others locally and statewide. Even though each town may have its own “story,” Winston-Salem’s story marks the arrest of black and white students who sat in together and the first peaceful integration of a lunch counter.


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